Senad Drpljanin

Senad Drpljanin


Back Squat: 355 lbs
Snatch: 205 lbs
Overhead Squat: 255 lbs
Deadlift: 435 lbs
Clean & Jerk: 255 lbs
Strict Ring Muscle Ups: 3 Reps


CrossFit Level 1 certification
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainers Certification
Brand X Method Basic Kids Course

About Senad

I moved in the States from Macedonia back in 2012 with idea of becoming a personal trainer. I was introduced to crossfit in a garage gym by friends but it seemed too random for me at the beginning. It was a year after when i joined Edgewater/ Lincoln park crossfit gym and decided to give it a shot back in June 2013. Slowly allowed the concept of crossfit community to be intergrated in my training style which eventually became a lifestyle. I notice how much crossfit helped me to improve my athleticism and soon enough i wanted more out of it. 3 years ago i became part of Edgwater/Lincoln Park coaching team and it has been great journey since then.

Athletic Background

I was in sports my whole life. Started with taekwondo at the age of 7, followed by basketball for couple of years. At the age of 13 started Swimming for one year but being solo was not doing it for me so i joined a Waterpolo Club in my freshmen year in highschool and the sense of community and the effort that i had to put in kept me there till second year in college. When i was first year in college i started taking some Kickboxing classes parallel to Waterpolo and got hooked on immediately. From a hobby i started developing more passion for the sport and eventually i got offered a coaching position which i held 2 years prior moving in Chicago.

Turning Point

Man, i was in a “Great Shape” before i started crossfit. All abs and stuff. So normally i was resisting new concept of training. I had confidence, cardio was good, power output was good. And then my first crossfit session i was introduced to the notorius “Fran”. Still remember it saying to the coach ” I got this, my pull ups are fine, strong legs, 95 lbs light weight”, coach was like ” yeah buddy, you ll crush it”. After 11 minutes of gasping for air i realized that my “shape” had many flaws that i had to work on. Starting from general understaning of my body, object control to learning how to breathe. 4 Years in and still learning and “clicking” every day and excited how much more i can push my physical and mental!

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